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Trendz Art

You may have seen my cover for my single “Trendz” (in fact, it is currently my Avatar XD ). I designed that cover. I’m an artist in many respects, not just one of music and a writer of rap/verse- I like photography, as well as drawing/painting/collaging. Here is some more art I designed for my […]

Check Out My New Pages

Check out my two new pages: Song List A table of all my raps coded using some basic XML. The table tells you all the details of the song, and where to listen in multiple places (eg You Tube and SoundCloud) and where to download (You can download my new rap, Trendz, for free on […]

Trendz Lyrics

The lyrics are a large part of my rap, and so I wanted to share them with you all 🙂 Here they are: [Geo-M] Its only my debut But already I got somethin to say to you So good day to you! The names Geo-M Got strong views and not afraid to voice ’em Guess […]

Listen to Trendz on Soundcloud

My newest and my first rap on SoundCloud. Please follow my SoundCloud! I’ll follow back 🙂 Love hearing other peoples songs, and their raps! 🙂

My First Rap Song: “Trendz”

My first rap song, “Trendz” is finally finished. I spent lots of time on it: writing the verses, practicing them, recording them faultlessly, and then getting the sound how I wanted it! A huge thanks to AZP for helping me produce my first rap, and thanks to RJAM for guest vocals! Have a listen. I […]