My First Rap Song: “Trendz”

The Cover (designed by myself) for my new Single, "Trendz".

The Cover (designed by myself) for my new Single, “Trendz”.

My first rap song, “Trendz” is finally finished.

I spent lots of time on it: writing the verses, practicing them, recording them faultlessly, and then getting the sound how I wanted it! A huge thanks to AZP for helping me produce my first rap, and thanks to RJAM for guest vocals!

Have a listen. I am inexperienced in rapping, and would love any advice or support. I hope you enjoy 🙂

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2 comments on “My First Rap Song: “Trendz”

  1. I think you have potential. It was full of understated rage. It worked because there are these very frustrating cyber problems that if you got too angry about them it would appear you were overly affected. Also, I think rappers should practice by reading Yeats, Wordsworth, Langston Hughes, and all the greats….

    • Thank you! 🙂

      Yes, they are all things that I feel an anger towards, but in the song I held back that anger really. I suppose in some parts, I was more sarcastically pointing out all the outrageous fads and the lifestyle of the average person now. I am young, and lots of my Facebook “friends” (that I never see and who ignored me when I tried to say hi :D) are on Facebook all day long, constantly posting statuses.

      And I would agree. I have read much poetry, William Wordsworth, William Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, William Blake, Lewis Carroll…

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