Trendz Lyrics

The lyrics are a large part of my rap, and so I wanted to share them with you all 🙂

Here they are:


Its only my debut
But already I got somethin to say to you
So good day to you! The names Geo-M
Got strong views and not afraid to voice ’em
Guess it’s just how I was brought up
And you’ll hear it in this song that I thought up
It’s all my material, I write my own lyrics
Cos I’m not just here to be singin
I’m here to voice my opinion.


Yo, the names RJAM
I follow the fashion, follow the trends
Use ’em like cammo to blend
But, inevitably, that fad will end in time
For a new trend to come along the line


Well I’ma not gonna be the same,
Cos I’m no clone. Geo-M’s the name!
I’m me only me, I’m proud of that
I don’t need the latest mobile app
Latest pop tune, don’t need a tat
Don’t need the latest wear
Don’t give a shit if my top has your name plastered all over it!
So take that Jack
And I’m not gonna take that back
You want me to play it back?
Cos I got a lot to get across in this rap
So I’ll crack on
Facebook on my mobile, nah, cos don’t need a post statuses 24/7
Don’t get these people who tweet about everythin’ they do
Even when they’re not bloody doin’ nothin’!
Do you think I really wanna hear that you’re ironin’
Or what you just been eating out of ready meal packagin’
If your now doing the washin’
Or with who you’ve been hangin’
Or if you’re going shoppin’
Or what you’ve been sitting on your arse watchin’? No!
Well I don’t have that much time on my hands to spend
Use social media only to catch up with my friends
And I don’t mean Facebook friends neither
Cos that’s somethin’ different entirely
Cos sometimes I find
It’s just a pointless stat to make you seem popular
Well who give a damn if you’re popular
No matter what
Your real friends ‘ll still be there for ya
Don’t forget
Maybe it’s time you found out who they really are
Cos I don’t think you know yet
RJAM:                             Yo man, you heard the latest song?
Geo-M:                          No, afraid I aint heard it
RJAM:                             Man, its a massive hit
Geo-M:                          Mm, thats what you’re listenin’ to now?
RJAM:                             Sure is
Geo-M:                          I guessed somehow


In my own zone
Just me and my smartphone
Music playing in my headphones
The latest song on the radio
Hit the charts just a couple of days ago


Well I don’t listen to what’s well known
I play music that to my friends is unknown
I occasionally tune into KLFM or Kiss
But half the music on there… I’ll give it a miss
I like folk, dance and I quite like pop
But mostly I listen to rap and hip hop
And no, not just the new stuff, but some of the first
And undoubtedly, some of the best
I used to be a poet and my mates thought that was shit
And now I’m a rapper and they say it’s brilliant
Well the reason I can rap like this, write like this, rhyme like this
Is cos I wrote poetry
It was good practise
Cos really
Rap is poetry!

[Geo-M: This verse is almost recited as a poem]

These verses I wrote about trends I’m spittin’
Could’ve wrote ’em in poem form but didn’t
If I did, would you have listened?
To my poem about the latest fad, latest trend
That’s currently fashionable, but will soon end


And when that fad finally fades out
Another trend will appear, no doubt
And it’ll probably be somethin’ that was fashionable twenty years ago
Cos it always happens, never anythin’ new though
You want an example? Chucks, cargo pants, chinos
These are all the fashion of the 90s
Made a comeback in 2013 in Autumn
Now it’s the “new trend”- everybody’s bought ’em


So I go to town Saturday after a hard week
And buy a hoody, with across the front, “Geek”
Although my maths skill is limited and I never seen a book
Don’t even like sci-fi, just follow the geeky look
It’s the latest trend, so I just play along


But I can assure you it won’t be fashionable for long
Like every trend before, it’ll be the same old tale
Like a whale
Swims along the bottom to rise to the surface every once in a while
Just to breathe, then sinks back down half a mile
Let’s face it: that’s how it go
All the latest trends gotta die out, and be replaced
But this I’m bettin’ money on:
They’ll all return


I’m just a clone
I follow the fashion, follow the trends
Use ’em like cammo to blend
But, inevitably, that fad will end in time
For a new trend to come along the line


Ok so maybe I do care how I look
But like some of you stars nowadays
I’m not just a pretty face
Got no passion for fashion
Not gonna dress in your white armour, not me
And become one of your clone army
Forget it!
I’ll never be seen in anythin’ nerd, anythin’ dweeb, anything’geek
I’ll always dress unique
And although I may do now, I won’t stand out for long at all
Cos my new trend is gonna rule!
Now, if you happen to see ’em, the army’s changed their uniform
They’re now an army of Geo-Ms
And of course I’ll feel on top of the world with this new rush of popularity
And seeing my people all around of me
Used to be trend breaker!
Now I’m trend maker!
But it won’t last for long cos every trend has gotta meet its maker!

4 comments on “Trendz Lyrics

  1. loved the bit about people tweeting even when they’re doing nothing – so true and so annoying!!!!! maybe twitter is really for people who don’t have lives?! have a great Christmas!

    • It is indeed 😀 I have had Twitter (which I only started for my rapping) for around a month, and have posted near to nothing, and only linking to my new track or some music that I have really enjoyed listening to 🙂 Some people tweet so much that the only solution is blocking them from your feed (or whatever you call it) lol

      You have a good xmas too 🙂

  2. I like your view on social media. I feel the same way most of the time. Its all a popularity contest.

    • Absolutely, I have only around 50 Friends on fb… and never accept requests from people I don’t actually know in person (and I have had them), even if they do have mutual friends with me. Some of my friends have 1000… I feel like you “collect” facebook friends…

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