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New Rap: Bright and Early

If you liked Trendz, you are sure to like this one!! In my opinion, my rappin has greatly improved just since I completed Trendz.

The track is titled Bright and Early and is an upbeat song to all those people who (somehow) never fail to lay in ’til about 12 if they have to. Being a teenager isn’t an excuse… I am a teenager. I never have layed in past 9 oclock (Real talk). I do however, go to bed at a sensible time of 10.

The track also goes on about how public schools aren’t going to teach you anything (besides passing exams) and so in your free time, you better get up and find a hobby, a trade. If you do this when your young, chances are you’ll have a better future.


Please leave a comment :-) I welcome any feedback on my music and any constructive criticism

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