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NEWS Mastering My Latest Tune + Writing My Best Rap Yet

It has been almost a month now since I posted my last rap “Bright and Early” to SoundCloud!

However, I am very close to finishing my latest, which I have not decided on a title for, but have been calling it “Sugar Sugar”- that is, because of the sample throughout of Bob Marley’s song- titled “Sugar Sugar” (If you haven’t heard it, I’ve embedded the YouTube video the bottom of the post). I am also working on what are, in my opinion, the best two verses I’ve written. The rap will most likely be almost an introduction to me, Geo-M. I have written it to a beat which I can easily knock up to play on my new keyboard (which I received for my 14th Birthday, earlier this month) and the lines have been written into a flow diagram, so I can be much more accurate with my flow and know where every lyric will fall to the beat!

I have been flooded with inspiration for new raps, verses and concepts lately, and so I’m sure I won’t be running out of topics to rap about for quite some time 😀

And if that wasn’t enough, I have been making a beat of my own (although I help with the instrumentals, I have not before really been part of the production), for a Public Enemy cover I am making, to pay tribute to my rap idols, and who effectively inspired me to write about such controversial and/or personal subjects or problems.


Please leave a comment :-) I welcome any feedback on my music and any constructive criticism

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