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Bright and Early

Get up about six Oclock
Cos valuable time is ticking away, tick-tock, tick-tock
See, I’m a morning person
Certainly not a boring person
Cos always got something to do each n every day
Got a busy schedule
And that way I’ll stay

Yeah, get outta bed y’all
Cos with every tick-tock of the clock
Precious times passin’
Like sand in a hourglass
So get dressed
Get some breakfast down you cos thats the fuel you’ll be burning on til noon
Wakey wakey, do you really need
Me to spoon feed
Don’t care if its Sunday
Valuable time, just stop wasting it a-way
(“You’ll regret it!” as Chorus starts to play)

Bright and Early (x4)

I can’t see whats coming
Cos I’m no see-er
But I can see if you carry on like this where you’re going- its clear
So… You really wanna be working as a cashire?
No is my bet
So you better find… A Creative outlet
And I don’t mean this shit they teach you in schools
Cos all you learn in class
Is how to pass
Exams which is hardly gonna help much
Especially with such
Teachers that we have now, you gotta admit I’m right
What and the way they’re teaching these kids nowadays is shite
Gonna learn from what they’re teaching you, I doubt it
Cos you’ll only take it in if you’re enthusiastic about it
I’m a wanna-be rapper but thats not my only
Hobby, only hope
I’m no one trick pony
Got many tricks up my sleeve
And a bronze arts award certificate in photography that I achieved!

Bright and Early (x4)

Ok, so you might not have much free time
But I, I still find the time to rhyme
Just about every day, as they say:
No rest for the wicked
Cos if you work hard, you’ve got the chance
To win a ticket to
A good and easy future ahead of you!

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