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Trendz is my debut rap. It features RJAM, and is talking about all the latest fads, and todays society. While my verses diss the people who blindly follow the latest trends in music, wear, apps and even lifestyle, RJAM acts as one of those sheep… a clone. RJAM raves about the latest pop song, and tells about how he just bought a Geek Hoody.

The last verse sarcastically tells how I start the next trend “Now, if you happen to see ’em, the army’s changed their uniform/ They’re now an army of Geo-Ms” but how that very soon comes to an end.

If you are an artist or if you have an account, please like Trendz on Soundcloud, and follow me.

I would also really appreciate a You Tube like on my channel, and especially a subscribe or comment 🙂

Please leave a comment :-) I welcome any feedback on my music and any constructive criticism

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