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NEWS Mastering My Latest Tune + Writing My Best Rap Yet

It has been almost a month now since I posted my last rap “Bright and Early” to SoundCloud!

However, I am very close to finishing my latest, which I have not decided on a title for, but have been calling it “Sugar Sugar”- that is, because of the sample throughout of Bob Marley’s song- titled “Sugar Sugar” (If you haven’t heard it, I’ve embedded the YouTube video the bottom of the post). I am also working on what are, in my opinion, the best two verses I’ve written. The rap will most likely be almost an introduction to me, Geo-M. I have written it to a beat which I can easily knock up to play on my new keyboard (which I received for my 14th Birthday, earlier this month) and the lines have been written into a flow diagram, so I can be much more accurate with my flow and know where every lyric will fall to the beat!

I have been flooded with inspiration for new raps, verses and concepts lately, and so I’m sure I won’t be running out of topics to rap about for quite some time 😀

And if that wasn’t enough, I have been making a beat of my own (although I help with the instrumentals, I have not before really been part of the production), for a Public Enemy cover I am making, to pay tribute to my rap idols, and who effectively inspired me to write about such controversial and/or personal subjects or problems.

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Fav Rap/Hip-Hop Track of January 2014

My favourite rap/hip-hop track of January 2014 has been Eminem’s “Not Afraid” from his album Recovery (“Space Bound” is another favourite from that album). The beat is dope, the song+hook I find so uplifting and inspirational!

Here (above) is a lyric video of Eminem’s “Not Afraid”. And there is a reason its the lyric video and not the official! Listen (or look) carefully to the lyrics… They are some of Em’s best.

These are some of the other raps I’ve listened to lots this month (most quite different to Not Afraid)

Some of the Runners Up

Public Enemy- Party For Your Right To Fight(Great song, the samples in this one are epic!)

KRS-One & Bumpy Knuckles- I’m a Be Back

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Bright and Early Lyrics

Get up about six Oclock

Cos valuable time is ticking away, tick-tock, tick-tock

See, I’m a morning person

Certainly not a boring person

Cos always got something to do each n every day

Got a busy schedule

And that way I’ll stay

Yeah, get outta bed y’all

Cos with every tick-tock of the clock

Precious times passin’

Like sand in a hourglass

So get dressed

Get some breakfast down you cos thats the fuel you’ll be burning on til noon

Wakey wakey, do you really need

Me to spoon feed

Don’t care if its Sunday

Valuable time, just stop wasting it a-way

You’ll regret it!


Bright and Early x4


I can’t see whats coming

Cos I’m no see-er

But I can see if you carry on like this where you’re going- its clear

So… You really wanna be working as a cashire?

No is my bet

So you better find… A Creative outlet

And I don’t mean this shit they teach you in schools

Cos all you learn in class

Is how to pass

Exams which is hardly gonna help much

Especially with such

Teachers that we have now, you gotta admit I’m right

What and the way they’re teaching these kids nowadays is shite

Gonna learn from what they’re teaching you, I doubt it

Cos you’ll only take it in if you’re enthusiastic about it

I’m a wanna-be rapper but thats not my only

Hobby, only hope

I’m no one trick pony

Got many tricks up my sleeve

And a bronze arts award certificate in photography that I achieved!


Bright and Early x4


Ok, so you might not have much free time

But I, I still find the time to rhyme

Just about every day, as they say:

No rest for the wicked

Cos if you work hard, you’ve got the chance

To win a ticket to

A good and easy future ahead of you!


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New Rap: Bright and Early

If you liked Trendz, you are sure to like this one!! In my opinion, my rappin has greatly improved just since I completed Trendz.

The track is titled Bright and Early and is an upbeat song to all those people who (somehow) never fail to lay in ’til about 12 if they have to. Being a teenager isn’t an excuse… I am a teenager. I never have layed in past 9 oclock (Real talk). I do however, go to bed at a sensible time of 10.

The track also goes on about how public schools aren’t going to teach you anything (besides passing exams) and so in your free time, you better get up and find a hobby, a trade. If you do this when your young, chances are you’ll have a better future.

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Geo-M’s Top 3 Rap Songs 2014

Rihanna ft Eminem: Love The Way You Lie

Now I know this was released in 2010, but it was not until 2013 that I bought Rihanna’s Album, which included this amazing song. I had heard the song before, but had never appreciated how great a song it was. This song was in a way what inspired me to buy the latest Eminem album: Marshall Mathers LP2 (and I’m damn glad I did).

Ed Sheeran ft Mikill Pane: Little Lady

I enjoyed Mikill Pane’s rapping in this song. I actually listened to “A Team” by Ed Sheeran (which doesn’t feature Mikill Pane but has the same chorus and storyline). The song works much better with Mikill’s rapping in it. It is a touching and sad story, and put across, rapped and produced perfectly.

Wiley: Broken Thoughts
One of the best new rap songs of this year, in my opinion. Well deserves a place in my Top 3. I especially love the hook. I wanted to include one of Wiley’s songs, it was close between this and “Tomorrow”.

What do you think the best rap songs of the year are?

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Trendz Art

You may have seen my cover for my single “Trendz” (in fact, it is currently my Avatar XD ). I designed that cover. I’m an artist in many respects, not just one of music and a writer of rap/verse- I like photography, as well as drawing/painting/collaging.

Here is some more art I designed for my Trendz theme:

A Star Wars Clone trooper, playing on the last verse of Trendz: "Not gonna dress in your white armour, not me/And become one of your clone army"

A Star Wars Clone trooper, playing on the last verse of Trendz: “Not gonna dress in your white armour, not me/And become one of your clone army”

Fashion Collage

A collage I made using several old magazines, picking out the words to do with fashion, trends and beauty.

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Check Out My New Pages

Check out my two new pages:

Song List

A table of all my raps coded using some basic XML. The table tells you all the details of the song, and where to listen in multiple places (eg You Tube and SoundCloud) and where to download (You can download my new rap, Trendz, for free on Soundcloud here!!).

Read and Listen about Trendz


As I said before, the lyrics are an important part of my raps. You can check out my lyrics page here, which contains links to single “child” pages for each songs lyrics!

Trendz Lyrics