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Show ’em Whatcha Got- Hip-Hop/Rap Beat

Hey all!! Firstly, my upcoming track “Criminal (Sugar Sugar)” is soon to be uploaded to my Soundcloud Channel, so stay tuned 😉 Secondly, I have posted a preview of a hip-hop beat I am working on in Ableton Live 8.0; “Show ’em Whatcha Got“. This is the first beat I have created solely (all though […]

NEWS Mastering My Latest Tune + Writing My Best Rap Yet

It has been almost a month now since I posted my last rap “Bright and Early” to SoundCloud! However, I am very close to finishing my latest, which I have not decided on a title for, but have been calling it “Sugar Sugar”- that is, because of the sample throughout of Bob Marley’s song- titled […]

Geo-M’s Top 3 Rap Songs 2014

Rihanna ft Eminem: Love The Way You Lie Now I know this was released in 2010, but it was not until 2013 that I bought Rihanna’s Album, which included this amazing song. I had heard the song before, but had never appreciated how great a song it was. This song was in a way what […]

Listen to Trendz on Soundcloud

My newest and my first rap on SoundCloud. Please follow my SoundCloud! I’ll follow back 🙂 Love hearing other peoples songs, and their raps! 🙂

My First Rap Song: “Trendz”

My first rap song, “Trendz” is finally finished. I spent lots of time on it: writing the verses, practicing them, recording them faultlessly, and then getting the sound how I wanted it! A huge thanks to AZP for helping me produce my first rap, and thanks to RJAM for guest vocals! Have a listen. I […]

Hey WordPress Bloggers! :)

Hey guys! I am Geo-M, I live in England, and have just started writing my own raps in 2013. Before that I wrote poetry, and as rap is really poetry, that has helped me a lot. I have always had a huge interest in rap, all sorts of rap… Public Enemy, Boogie Down Productions, Eminem, […]